Beginners Golf Program

Mules National is proud to host a Beginner’s Golf Program for the 2020 season. The Beginner’s Golf Program is open to any adult golfer (18 & older) that is either just starting to play the game or that have been absent from golf for several years and want to start playing again. Our goal is to progress each student’s game to the point where they are comfortable with their golf swing and are confident that they can perform well on the golf course.

The 2020 Beginner’s Program will run every Tuesday, starting April 7th through April 28th. Two time slots will be available; first session one will begin at 4:00pm and session two beginning at 5:30pm. Each session will last approximately on hour. The cost to participate in this year’s Beginner’s Program will be $80.00 per player.

The Fundamentals of putting, chipping, full swings, course etiquette and rules will be covered over the entirety of the course.

*If for any reason weather permits us from having a lesson, it will be made up at a later date.

View Beginners Program Packet